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It happens to every nation in the world, and Italy makes no exception: many stereotypes and prejudices about Italians are generally regarded as true. If you’re interested in finding out your own truth, the first step you need to take is to learn the Italian language. This ability will then allow you to gain a direct knowledge of the qualities and flaws that mark our culture: this way, you will already be taking your second step, which will consist in talking to Italians, reading our books, listening to our songs and to our radio channels, watching our tv and surfing our websites.

The only thing you’re able to do already, right now, without taking any step, is to admire the works of art that were created in our Country; admire them, but perhaps not understand them yet.

If you want to take the steps, if you want to take them almost in the same time, visit this website and read its many different pages. Italian language and Italian people’s culture are, just like any other language and culture in the world, two things that cannot exist separately. By getting acquainted with our language and our culture, you’ll get the chance to enrich your spirit, conversing (having a dialogue, setting up a dialogue) with some of the great Italians who are still alive as well as with some of our great dead. Because – everybody knows it – Dante, Galileo, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Giovanni Falcone will never die.    

Alberto Cassone


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