Un poema is not a poem

While strolling through an Italian bookstore, don't look for the "Fiction" shelves: you won't find them, not because you should first ask someone for the corresponding Italian word, but for the reason that there's no such thing as literary "fiction" in our vocabulary, nor in our mind.

Google translating it into "narrativa", a word whose meaning is more similar, albeit not equivalent, to "storytelling", won't work; you'll experience the same failure with optimistic google translate results like "finzione" ("pretense", "make-believe", "deceit"...) or "invenzione" ("invention", "fabrication"...). You simply cannot translate it into Italian, period. 

If you are an Italian language student, you'll also have (for different reasons) translation problems with words like "novel", "verse", "poem", all of them being false friends. 

Speaking more generally, our literary terminology reveals a very different way of thinking literature.

Therefore, after studying with the help of your teacher our main literary categories, you may put yourself to the test, thanks to this activity.

Contact us for more explanations and help. 

This page in Italian for advanced level students contains more details on this subject.


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