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Personalised teaching

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The teacher’s methodology is marked by original and high-quality techniques and materials, often personally created by him bearing the student’s specific needs and wishes in mind.

However, what’s surely more important than techniques is a first-hand knowledge of the student. 

It is not possible to plan a series of language and culture lessons, to choose the right approach and to single out the necessary techniques without having beforehand had a chance to become familiar with the student’s personality, through a relaxed conversation (that is to say, a dialogue about both personal and linguistic subjects) and some preparatory language activities.

For this reason, Alberto Cassone meets each new student for one (free and non-binding) hour to be devoted to mutual – professional and personal - knowledge.

Although the teacher’s methodology, during some years of experience and research, has gained certain traits and a well-defined general nature (priority given to the development of the listening ability; to an intensive use of pictures and of music; to a regular recourse to technology for the more repetitive activities and to challenging, authentic readings – newspapers, short stories, poems - as a basis for conversation), none of these traits would make any sense if he didn’t have the chance to know the student and understand his specific – lingual, cultural and personal - situation.

After this first meeting, personalised teaching materials and techniques will be devised according to what has come up during the conversation and to the teacher’s judgement of the student’s situation.

It is possible to set up a free, non-binding meeting (in the city centre of Perugia, at the teacher's office in Via Alessi 80), by contacting Alberto Cassone through this website or in other ways. His phone numbers are: (0039) 320 1110046 or (0039) 0753722009; his email address is:

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