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Thanks to the "ITALIANA - LINGUA E CULTURA" website you can practise Italian language with a qualified and expert teacher.

During the lessons, high-quality teaching materials are provided. Italian courses can take place in a traditional fashion (individual or small group lessons, at the teacher's office in the city centre of Perugia, an Italian city in the Umbria region: Italian language and culture lessons) or on-line (via Skype and with the support of emails and this website: read here more about on-line lessons). 

Alberto Cassone was born in Rome on May the 5th, 1972. He graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Università "La Sapienza" of Rome; he then completed a two-year university course in Foreign Language Teaching taught in Perugia and a one-year course on the same subject at the Università “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice. 

He published an article on Language and Literature Teaching in the specialized review "Scuola e Lingue Moderne" (numbers 8 and 9, year 2011); he taught Italian to Foreigners both abroad (at the "Vodskov Skole" school in Denmark, for 9 months, from 2010 to 2011) and in Italy, at various schools, starting in 2011. He’s also been working as a proof-reader of texts written in Italian language. Since 2015, he manages the language agency “Artigianato Linguistico Ponte Perugia” in Perugia (

His teaching methodology is based on variety and originality, but - even more - it is based on a personal knowledge of the student.

Planning a lesson and choosing the right teaching method are not possible without having known, prior to that, the student’s personality through an initial meeting, during which a first conversation and some introductory language activities take place. Read more about personalised teaching.

Therefore, Alberto Cassone is happy to meet new students for one hour, of course for free; an hour that is dedicated to reciprocal knowledge. Although his method is characterized by the development of the listening ability, by the use of pictures and music, by the use of technology for the more repetitive activities and of readings as a basis for conversation, none of these strategies would make any sense if he hadn’t, before putting them in action, known the student and understood his specific – lingual, cultural and personal - situation.

Contact details: to set up a meeting, it is possible to contact Alberto Cassone through this website or in other ways. His phone number is (0039) 320 1110046; his email address is:

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