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Besides what you can read, as a general introduction to this website, in the page “Language Teaching”, here in this page we want to reaffirm that language learning is not possible without feeling a sincere interest for the culture of the people who speak it.

This is the reason why our Italian lessons (individual, in small groups or online via Skype) always have a strong cultural dimension – of course, the cultural contents are chosen not only according to the teacher’s and the student’s personal interests, but also on the basis of the current student’s level in Italian.

Apart from personal interests, there are some fields (as for example Italian history, literature and society) that no student could ever wish to ignore. Therefore, contents dedicated to these fundamental subjects will always be proposed to the student. 

Study activities can be playful or serious, while contents may be taken light-heartedly or in-depth; but the main feature of learning will always be the passion for Italy, a passion which the teacher and the student will share. Without this passion, no language lesson can ever achieve any of its goals. 

Sitting on these strong foundations, the student and the teacher can then agree on going through other more personal subjects – as, for example: Italian music, food, cinema, Italian art, architecture, sport, family relations, etc. The teacher will be happy both to teach the language through those subjects which he knows well and to do it through those which are proposed by the student and which, while being not fully acquainted with them yet, he’ll wish to get to know better thanks to the opportunity presented by his language lessons. 

Language is an aspect of culture: Italian culture is a very rich and extremely problematic one, therefore offering an infinitely wide range of possible readings, conversations, listenings and writings to those who wish to know it and to get rid of all the boring stereotypes about Italy and its people. 

The specifically lingual dimension of a culture can be broken down - from the language learner’s perspective - into seven fundamental parts: listening to it, speaking it, reading it, writing it, knowing its words, reflecting on its grammar rules and learning how to pronounce it.  Italian lessons with Alberto Cassone make it possible to efficiently practise each one of these seven dimensions, while the lessons’ deep spirit lies in the search of a better knowledge of Italian culture.

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