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This page allows English speakers with no knowledge, or a low-level knowledge, of the Italian language to surf this website in order to access the most important information included in it.


WELCOME PAGE: welcome to "Italiana - Lingua e cultura" 

Language teaching (general information about Italian language and culture lessons)

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Language and Culture lessons (detailed information about Italian language and culture lessons)

e-Learning: on-line (via Skype) lessons (information about on-line lessons of Italian language and culture)

Personalised Teaching (additional information about Italian language and culture lessons)

Classes (attend one of the many Italian Language and Culture classes or a class in preparation to an examination)

Fees (prices for individual or group lessons)

A Language and Culture Stay in Perugia ("Language and Culture" Packages: accommodation, classes, cultural activities)

Insights into Italy (articles, videos, slideshows about Italian society, culture, history and language. Mostly in Italian)

Download (page in Italian. Italian Language Learning materials, History, Italian Literature, Fun activities)

Learn Italian with Music (page in Italian)

In Perugia (page in Italian. What to do, where to go, where to stay, plus concerts, theatres, festivals and more, in the magical town of Perugia)