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eLearning: on-line (via Skype) lessons


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Italian language lessons with Alberto Cassone (see the page "Language Teaching", on this website, for information on the teacher) can take place in a traditional fashion (by meeting the teacher personally in Perugia, the main town in the Italian region of Umbria) or on-line (via Skype and with the support of emails and this website).

Traditional lessons occur in the teacher's studio in the city centre. In exceptional cases, the student and the teacher may agree on having lessons at the student's place, or in gardens, in tea or coffee bars as well as in any other suitable public space.

On-line lessons are carried on through a Skype connection between the teacher (albertocassone) and the student. The teacher and the student, apart from talking via Skype, exchange (through this website or via email) texts, pictures, videos, links, audio files for pronunciation, instructions and homework. 

This way, on-line interaction becomes much varied and manifold: besides free conversation, it is possible to correct homework, describe pictures, comment on texts, practise Italian phonetics.

Lessons (both traditional ones and on-line) can be taken individually or in group. There are no restrictions whatsoever with regard to the starting language level and the age. For Skype group lessons, the maximum number of students is two, while for traditional group lessons it shall not exceed six.
Both kinds of lessons can last one hour, one hour and a half or two hours. Duration and frequency (weekly, monthly, several times per week, several times per month, etc.) can be freely agreed with the teacher.

Lessons are given in “Italian language and culture” (see at the page: "Language and culture lessons"); generally speaking, this means that we don’t advice anyone to study only grammar or to practise only conversation. Of course, there’s flexibility with regard to the choice of which aspects need to be practised more carefully and intensively; nevertheless, while respecting the student’s personal inclinations, it is the teacher who is responsible to determine what’s more or less worthy of a special focus.

Each teaching hour costs: click here to see the fees.

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